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Use of armed force against refugees deemed justifiable by 29 percent of Germans

The sentiment in the German society towards refugees is dramatically changing – a radicalization in word and deed. The different racist movements on the street along with a radicalizing AfD in the political arena, is poison for the social climate in…
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Krieg & Frieden

Saudi Arabia vs. Iran: Predominance in Middle East

Pursuing a policy of lowest oil prices, Saudi Arabia is waging an economic war over predominance in the Middle East targeting Iran who is expecting rapid economic growth due to the lifting of economic sanctions.  A military escalation of this…
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Krieg & Frieden

Cold War reloaded – Front Line Syria

After Russia’s intervention in the war in Syria, the Middle Eastern country is now the second big arena in a new Cold War (including also the war in Ukraine). The power-political interests of the two old enemies, USA and Russia,…
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Refugees Welcome? Not in Deutschland!

In the course of an increasing number of people seeking asylum, a new tide of right-wing terror is troubling Germany. Forsaken by leading politicians, it remains the duty of the civil society to counter this disgraceful development and to facilitate…
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The Racist Did It Again!

Unexpected, Benjamin Netanyahu could win the Knesset election last Thursday and thereby, remains the Prime Minister of Israel. Considering his racist policies based on confrontation, peace with Palestine recedes into the distance. Prior to the Knesset elections, hope emerged that…
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Krieg & Frieden

The Gaza Massacre

2014 has been a year of wars. In summer, due to phony reasons, Gaza was razed to the ground once more. Thousands have been killed. Hundreds of thousands have been made homeless. Despite the ceasefire, true peace remains out of…
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Having it all and wanting more – english

By the next year the richest 1% of humankind will possess as much wealth as the remaining 99%. Even today the richest 80 individuals own as much as the bottom half. These numbers are a declaration of war to democracy.…
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