Unexpected, Benjamin Netanyahu could win the Knesset election last Thursday and thereby, remains the Prime Minister of Israel. Considering his racist policies based on confrontation, peace with Palestine recedes into the distance.

Prior to the Knesset elections, hope emerged that the racist terror regime of Netanyahu and his conservative Likud-bloc, finally, will come to an end.

Polls produced that Isaac Herzog and his social democrat Zionist Union were in the lead. A whiff of change was in the air. But then on Wednesday, the devastating news was published that King Bibi did it again. His pessimism successfully infected his people.

Right prior to the elections, he ruled out the establishment of a Palestinian state and stated that a withdrawal from the illegally occupied territory in the West Bank is unconceivable with him in charge – racist phrases with which he could convince the indecisive radical right-wings in the finals of his election campaign.

Unambiguously, Netanyahu brought to mind that under his lead there will be no peace with the Palestinians – this is how you win elections in Israel.

The formation of a grand coalition with the social democrats is more than unlikely; Netanyahu begins to search even to his right (yes, that’s possible) for possible coalition partners. Probably, it will result once again in the radical right-wings around Netanyahu’s protégé Avigdor Lieberman.

Just a couple of days ago, Lieberman – please note he is Israel’s foreign minister – proclaimed he would like to take an axe and chop off the heads of disloyal Israeli Arabs.
With these misanthropists leading, we can truly face a rosy future for Israel.

The social democrats as a peaceful alternative?

What’s about the second-strongest party, the Israeli social democrats? The alliance Zionist Union considers itself as “center-left”. Would it be a peaceful alternative to Netanyahu’s conservative right-wing bloc?

Definitely not! It is sheer illusion to put hope for peace in this party.

Among the social democrats war criminals are bustling as well, such as Tzipni Levi. The head of the party and almost-prime minister Isaac Herzog criticized the Netanyahu-regime for treating the Palestinians not brutal enough in the last Gaza Massacre in summer 2014 – it’s hard to act more macabre!

Likewise to most of the European countries, in Israel as well, the choice between conservatives and social democrats remains the choice between pest and cholera.

In European understanding – at least considering their racism in the Palestine-conflict – we would locate every single Israeli prime minister in the last decades even right the NPD (the German Nazi-party) on the political map; notably from both political blocs.

The humiliation of Palestine remains the identity-establishing factor for the majority of the Israeli people – beyond all political borders.

“Netanyahu makes the case a little easier”

Every now and then the political staining is changed, hawks like Netanyahu rotate with alleged doves like Herzog. However, the essence of their Palestine policies is identical.

The journalist Ali Abunimah escalates this dilemma in a bitter-cynical manner and, thereby, finds an alleged positive point in Netanyahu’s reelection:

The more radically right-wing the Israeli government is positioned, the more obvious to the rest of the world the racist foundation becomes that the state of Israel is built on. When the blood-soaked racism tries to hide behind alleged peace-seeking doves of the social democrats it is harder to be exposed. However, when frank racist criminals such as Netanyahu are in charge it is getting more and more inconvenient for the international community to whitewash their complicity with Israeli crimes.

It may sound paradox, but, indeed, Netanyahu and his bloody racist agenda may be the guarantor that the international pressure on Israel becomes more than a hypocritical, mere lip service. And that the absurd injustice becomes impossible to bear for the “world conscience” and, finally, the emergence of comprehensive boycott measures against Israel and sincere solidarity with Palestine are imposed.

First reactions from Europe point in that direction:
The English government announced that it will recognize Palestine as a state, for the case Netanyahu adheres to his rejection of a two-state-solution. One of the last close allies starts to mutiny.

Nevertheless, I can’t get too much out of this biding tactic. Sure, Israel’s racist agenda harms its international reputation and drives the nation deeper and deeper into isolation. Sure, having in charge an agitator such as Netanyahu, it is “only” a matter of time until the last close allies turn their back on Israel. How long it will take until we see that day, and see Israel forced to act, of course, remains uncertain.

Hence, this day X is only poor consolation, considering the thousands of Palestinians that will be killed in the next Gaza Massacre (and the next-next one, and that after this one). And considering the thousands upon thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and al-Quds that will witness their houses to be demolished by Israeli bulldozers in order to create the tabula rasa that is required for the illegal settlements.

The night is darkest just before the dawn, a cute saying reads.

Facing this depressing future of further heist of land, further bloodshed and further escalation of the devastating apartheid, I ask myself how bloody dark this night could even become until the western world will finally react in dead earnest on the racism-soaked Netanyahu regime…?free_palestine_by_warnabiru-d5lg882

Title image by thierry ehrmann licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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